Woodland Sessions

Tansor Playgroup aims to encourage and inspire children through positive outdoor experiences, which are proven to be particularly beneficial in Early Years Education.

We have excellent outdoor facilities at Tansor Village Hall which are used all year round. We are also very fortunate to have a dedicated woodland classroom site, hosted by the Wildlife Trust at Glapthorn Cow Pasture Nature Reserve, from Spring to Autumn.

Our Thursday morning sessions are held at Glapthorn Cow Pasture Nature Reserve every week from after Easter through to late October.  This activity is done in all weathers except very heavy rain or high winds so the children need to arrive suitably dressed.  We abide to the philosophy of “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”!

The children visit the woodland site and, through play, learn about the natural environment, how to solve problems and work with each other, learn to manage risks and explore for themselves. Once a group is established in the woodland and routines are set up, the project develops through a child-led approach, with activities being taken back to our Tansor setting, where they can be continued and developed further.

Research has shown that outdoor play has a substantial impact on the development of children.  The children are/have:

More socially confident
Have greater concentration levels
Improved co-ordination
Increased motivation
Better self-esteem
Increased independence

All of the skills learnt here are supported by the Early Years Foundation Stage educational framework.

What activities can the children do?

There are a range of activities that children participate in and are often based on a ‘theme’ for the session.  They include some of the following:

Mini-beast hunting
Treasure hunting
Bird nest building
Teddy hunt / Teddy Bear’s Picnic
Mud painting
Bark rubbing
Shelter building
Animal tracking
Hide & Seek
Woodland art and sculptures

Parents are responsible for transporting their children to and from the area of woodland.  

During the winter months, all Thursday morning sessions are held at Tansor Village Hall. 

If very poor weather is expected, such as very heavy rain or high winds, sessions may be relocated back to Tansor Village Hall. Parents will be notified of this in advance by email.

Places at the woodland sessions are currently only available to children aged 3yrs+. Children under 3yrs of age are welcome to attend our Thursday morning sessions when these are relocated back to Tansor Village Hall during the winter months (from after the October half-term until Easter).

We are extremely grateful to the Wildlife Trust for allowing us to use the Glapthorn Cow Pasture Nature Reserve for our weekly sessions. Did you know that the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire & Northamptonshire Wildlife Trust work locally managing over 100 Nature Reserves, and play a vital role in safeguarding our natural environment? They also offer a range of high quality wildlife events and experiences for children and adults during term-time and school holidays, at their Nature Reserves and Activity Centres, giving plenty of opportunities and resources for young people and their families to connect with nature.

Click on the logo below to visit the Wildlife Trust website to find out more! Here you can learn about the valuable role the Wildlife Trust play in our local environment, and the various activities on offer. Membership of the Wildlife Trust is definitely worthwhile, with Little Bugs Club events for pre-schoolers, Wildlife Watch Groups for primary-aged children, and Youth Ranger activities & volunteering for teenagers. Membership is a great way to inspire a life-long love of nature.

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