Welcome: We have four lovely little new starters this January, and we hope they settle well and thoroughly enjoy their time with us at Tansor making new friends.

Illness: Our policy is that children must stay at home for 48hrs following the last episode of sickness or diarrhea (or both). If your child has been particularly poorly, we do recommend that you wait until they feel themselves… even beyond the 48hrs before returning to allow a sensible recovery time. A child should not be at playgroup if they have a temperature. We do not administer medicine such as Calpol instead we will phone for you to collect your child. We understand that children often have slightly runny noses, but if a child has a heavy cold they really should be at home for their own comfort. We have attached a letter from the local authority regarding keeping children at home if they are poorly. It is very important that we follow these guidelines especially since the NHS is extremely busy at present. We will telephone you to collect your child if we think they are not well enough to attend.

Tapestry: I would like to say a big thank-you to the parents who actively look at the photos and notes we put on tapestry regarding your child… lots of you put comments on, and some of you post your own photos/videos recording what your child does at home. We absolutely love these, and we can see already that this file will be a lovely keep’s sake to keep on a memory stick, disk, or hard copy once your child leaves.

As you can appreciate it has taken a while to set up tapestry. Currently mothers are signed in, but if fathers would also like a login this can be arranged, please just ask. 

Fundraising News: We raised £381 on the Christmas Raffle and £245 for the Autumn Treasure Hunt. Well done everyone for your contributions. We will keep your posted on how the money is spent!

Belongings: Please ensure your child arrives wearing wellies and a coat, and possibly waterproof trousers. Children without wellies get wet feet when they go on the grass. All bags and drink bottles must be labelled with a clear name please. 

Drinks bottles: Please only fill them with water please. We do not allow juice as we must stick to guidelines from dentists. Children have milk or water at snack and can assess their water bottle at any time from the trolly.

Children and their teeth: There’s a big push at the minute to ask parents to register children at a dentist as parents are probably late doing this due to COVID. You can go online, and find an NHS dentist close to you, and it’s really good to introduce children to visiting a dentist while they are little. There are lots of children’s story books about visiting the dentist, we have a couple at Tansor Playgroup for parents to borrow and read at home with their child before a dental appointment to help them feel at ease. These can be found in the library bag (we hang this on the gate from time to time) or just ask a member of staff. There’s also a handy website with a few key messages for parents of young children please take a look.

Children’s teeth – NHS (www.nhs.uk)

Lunch boxes: We don’t have the facility to put lunch boxes in the fridge. An ice pack inside might be a good idea. Please understand we must promote healthy eating see Lunchbox ideas and recipes – Healthier Families – NHS (www.nhs.uk) Our advice is please do not put too much inside their box. We suggest one treat item such as a cereal bar or a pot of crisps for when they have eaten the main part of their lunch if you wish. An ‘achievable amount’ of sandwich a yoghurt, and some fruit is a good lunch. Please don’t send in lots of food for choice this simply overwhelms them. You know how much your child will actually eat. As mentioned before water only in drinks bottles, please.

Snack: We put a pot on the gate asking parents to donate money towards our snack please help maintain playgroup funds by contributing from time to time. 

Facebook: Our Facebook page is called: Tansor Playgroup become ‘friends’ and follow/share our page!

Links that have been sent to us from our Early Years NNC team that parents might find useful:

Losing Your Temper with Your Child or Teen? 8 Steps to Stay in Control (empoweringparents.com)

Family Corner | Features and tips about your child’s development advice for parents on a range of different subjects and family on-line courses!

Family Photos: We plan to have a display board at Tansor with photos of the children’s families. if you would like to bring us a photo or email me a family photo to go up on the board for your child to talk about and show their friends please do so!

Things we use: We use sensitive shaving foam, pasta, jelly, rice and spaghetti regularly for the children to experience sensory play. If you have any of these items at home that you would like to donate, we would be delighted. Other items that you may have and feel happy to donate are:

A few logs
A Spirit level
Wind up tape measures
Children’s binoculars
Children’s umbrellas 
Geli Baff
Things to hang in the tree such as windchimes and coloured spirals to catch the wind

Term Ends: Friday 10th of February Return Back: Monday 20nd February 

Kind Regards

Michelle Tilley and The Playgroup Staff.