This Term's Themes

Summer Term

Weeks commencing 24th and 30th April - May Day

The children will be making Maypoles and will be given the opportunity to do some Maypole dancing around the Tansor Maypole. If you have any cardboard tubes from kitchen roll, wrapping paper etc we would be grateful if you could bring them in - we cannot use loo roll cardboard due to health and safety.

Week commencing 8th May and 14th May - Spring

The children will be learning about all the changes in the natural environment that occur in Spring. We will be learning about baby animals being born, animals coming out of hibernation, spring flowers etc.

Weeks commencing 21st May - People who help us

The children will be learning about the roles of the police, ambulance and fire service and dialling 999 in an emergency.

As ever, we would like to encourage the children to bring in any topic related items for show and tell.